Conor’s music has previously been used in the following films, shorts and adverts…


Mercedes Zetros (2019) – Filmed in a desert in Dubai the images are accompanied by Conor’s song ‘One Swallow’. The movie will be used in showrooms advertising the vehicle worldwide.

A History of the Universe in 4 minutes (2018) – Historian and author of Origin Story, David Christian, runs through 13.8  billion years of history – and looks at the impact of humanity. BBC

Do we have a right not to be lonely? (2018) – Kimberley Brownlee, professor of philosophy at the University of Warwick, explores what we could do to prevent loneliness. BBC

This is Ireland (2018) – Here, you’ll discover stories, sights and people you’ll never forget. Here, you’ll find a community that is open – a space to live, to learn, to create and to innovate. Here, you’ll be welcomed to a country unlike anywhere else on earth.

How one woman transformed Alzheimer’s research (2018) – The story of Carol Jennings and how her family’s uncommon form of Alzheimer’s led scientists to a breakthrough in understanding the disease. BBC

Wild Mayo (2017) – Join triathlete Con Doherty as he journeys through the stunning landscapes of County Mayo. Transitioning from the sea to the mountains, he is driven to push his body to the limits – motivated and inspired by the beauty of the place he calls home- “A place to be discovered, where I come to be alive.” By CutMedia.

Battle of the Atlantic Way (2017) – It’s football the Wild Atlantic Way in Croke Park as Kerry and Mayo go head-to-head in the latest instalment of this old rivalry. By RTE Sport.

The pride of Tallaght, the pride of Ireland (2017) – Robbie Keane enters the Hall of Fame at the FAI Football Awards. By RTE Soccer.

Prison Families (2014) – A two part documentary series examines how families cope when a family member is sent to prison. Produced by TV3.


The Betrayal (2016) – The Betrayal is an Irish LGBT drama /thriller from writer/director Kamila Dydyna, addressing sexual identity issues and domestic violence.

Bungalow Bliss (2016) – Feargal Ward’s and Adrian Duncan’s Bungalow Bliss offers a radical reappraisal of the humble bungalow and its importance in Ireland’s architectural heritage.

Testimony (2015) – Testimony tells the true story of a 9-year-old girl who’s asked to testify in a domestic abuse court hearing. Her mother is the plaintiff, her father – the defendant, and she testifies in front of a judge with both parents present in the room. By Kamila Dydyna.

Analogue People In A Digital Age (2014) – As the analogue age draws to a close, eight men sit in an Irish bar and battle to remain relevant in the digital world; the TV in the corner a harbinger of this technological future… by Keith Walsh & Jill Beardsworth.

Apples of the Golan (2012) – ‘Apples of the Golan’ is a feature documentary made over 5 years in the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan Heights. The film was directed, filmed and edited by Jill Beardsworh and Keith Walsh of Twopair Films based on original research by Gearóid O Cúinn.


The John Murray Show – Conor’s music has been used on various features over the years in the John Murray show on RTE Radio 1.


Talos (2019) – Sampled ‘The Front’ for a song called ‘Dawn, The Front’ on his new album. The song was later used on the TV series Making a Murderer.