From Talos: I suppose myself and Conor’s relationship began with me being a massive fan of his music. What he made was, and still is, astoundingly beautiful, deep and timeless. We became personal friends while both attending Colm O’Herlihy’s Mountain Dew Festival. There we bonded over shared musical idols, our lack of technical and theoretical knowledge, and leading a life in music in the small corners of Ireland.

From here we plotted to create something together and briefly engaged in it. I recorded some vocals for a track on an album he was working on at the time, and he had begun a remix on a song of mine. Since his passing, I have always wanted to try and honour what we had set out to do way back when in a field in Macroom. On my new album, I was lucky enough to be able to sample one of Conor’s songs, ‘The Front’. In my opinion, it is one of the best pieces of Irish music ever made, so I was both excited and terrified to get a chance to use it.The song that came from it, ‘Dawn, The Front’, is not the planned for collaboration we spoke about but is instead a recognition of the resilience of his music, his brilliance as an artist and warmth as a friend.

I hope that it sits as a companion to what he made, and acts as a ‘signing off’ on what we hoped, but never managed, to create.

“Blind your silence white, we reach where it’s reachless and doe-eyed.
Keep the creaking night, so close that it’s seething.”

You can find the track on his new album:

The following short was filmed in the hotel where Conor recorded much of his music. Conor speaks of his insight into the creative process. The title track from the album ‘The Lucid’ accompanies underneath. This recording was shot and compiled by Patrick Dyar.

We are having a launch night for Conor’s new album, ‘The Lucid’, on Fri, March 15th in The Sugar Club, Dublin. The night will feature interpretations of Conor’s music from Crash Ensemble, members of Meltybrains? along with video screening and after party with Donal Dineen.

We hope you can come join use for a memorable night. Tickets on-sale now at You can also follow the event on Facebook.

Conor’s song One Swallow from his Debut EP The Front has been used to advertise Ireland on The video depicts scenic aspects of Ireland and influential Irish figures as well as our recently crowned Six Nations champions.